The ISWOC Treebank

The ISWOC Treebank is a dependency treebank with morphosyntactic and information-structure annotation. It includes texts in Germanic and Romance languages and is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

You can browse this treebank on Syntacticus, our experimental interface for browsing and searching the ISWOC Treebank and related treebanks. This interface is not yet 100% ready, but it will be very soon!

On this site you will find our official, versioned releases of the treebank. The following texts are currently included:

Text Language
Ælfric's Lives of Saints Old English
Apollonius of Tyre Old English
Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Old English
Orosius Old English
West-Saxon Gospels Old English
La Vie Saint Eustace Old French
Crónica Geral de Espanha 2-12, 155-167 Portuguese
Décadas Livro 5, VIII, 9-14 Portuguese

Please see the data files in the release distribution for complete contributor details and editorial notes.

Download current version

If you use the treebank, please cite as:

Bech, Kristin and Kristine Eide. 2014. The ISWOC corpus. Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo.

Releases are hosted on Github, where you can also access previous releases.

The morphosyntactic annotation scheme is described in the document PROIEL Guidelines for Annotation.